No hype, lean and informative fly fishing reports.  Every day on the river is different, conditions can change quickly and will vary substantially in 70 miles of river. We strive to provide information that is as current and accurate as possible. Questions? Call or email us at: 509 697 6327 - bruce@yakimariverangler.com

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Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

7/1/13  Flows were bumped up  for irrigation last week but color remained good. Spring Mayfly hatches are just about done. Current bugs: Caddis, Yellow Sallys and Terrestrials. Summer Stones should begin to emerge in earnest in the next week or two. Slow to good fishing last week, should be more consistent this week.

7/12/13  More reservoir releases for irrigation, flows are 4600 at Umtanum but clarity is good. Nymphing is less productive at this level, not as much structure available to fish. Morning and evening dry fly has been good. The most important bugs currently: Summer Stones, Caddis, Yellow Sallys and Terrestrials.

7/21/13  The Yakima is still a little higher than normal for July. Bugs: Summer Stones, Caddis, Yellow Sallys and Terrestrials. Fair to very good fishing.

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8/5/13  The river is currently at normal summer levels. Summer Stones, Hoppers, Craneflies and a variety of other Terrestrials. Fair to very good fishing.

8-22-13  The Annual flip-flop is underway.  3400 cfs at Umtanum today. Good nymphing. Fair to good dry fly fishing with hoppers and other terrestrials.  

9/2/13  2400 cfs at Umtanum and dropping. Fair to good nymphing and poor to fair dry fly. Water temps are up, handle fish with care.

9/11/13  1700 cfs at Umtanum- still dropping. Fair to good nymphing and fair to good dry fly. Summer stones, crane flies, hoppers and a few October caddis.

9/23/13  1500 cfs at Umtanum. Big drop in water temps, 56 degrees at Umtanum this afternoon. Fair to good nymphing and fair to good dry fly. Summer stones and October caddis.  Lots of tiny BWOs, not many fish eating them.

10/12/13  Pretty sparse BWO hatches. Still a few October caddis. 1500 cfs at Umtanum. Good to great nymphing.

11/14/13  Not much change from the last report. Fair to good nymphing, mostly small bugs- 16-20. Pattern hasn’t been that important.  The BWO hatch (size 20-24) was better this year, although still meager compared to historical averages. Mahogany Duns, Cahills and size 18-16 BWOs  were mostly absent.  The fllip-flop was particularly hard on October Caddis this year. Octobers pupate along the shore in August and die when the river is radically lowered in late August and September.

12/12/13  Nymphing was good until the river iced up. No ice flows in the Canyon above Umtanum yesterday at noon. Should have a results report next week.

12/18/13  Great nymphing Monday. Water temps rose to 40 degrees in the Canyon. No ice flows currently. Thick shelf ice from MP 10 down. Water temps today at Umtanum reached 38.5 degrees, still good winter temps. Stone nymphs, San Juan worms, Copper Johns and BH Pheasant tails all worked well. Cooler weather predicted for the next two days, with a warming trend this weekend.

1/21/14  Fair to good fishing. Nymphing and streamers. Larger than average winter fish.

2/21/14  Decent fishing yesterday. San Juan worms and caddis larva hooked more fish than the Skwala nymph. Nothing on Skwala dries. Cooling trend next week, the Skwala hatch will be on hold for awhile. The launches at Mahre’s and Big Pines were still  blocked with ice.

Winter Bow on The Yakima River Mark Tracy Kyle and Megan

3/6/14  Water temps reached 43.5 yesterday, Skwala typically begin to emerge at 42 to 43 degrees. Unfortunately the river was on the rise and fishing was mediocre. Had a few lazy bumps on the dry, no fish on. The Yakima is currently a little over 4000 cfs at Umtanum, still rising and off color. NOAA is predicting a 6000 cfs peak by tomorrow with a slight drop on the 9th followed by another slightly higher peak on the 10th or 11th. Doesn’t look promising for awhile.

Yakima River Winter Bow Swans on the Yakima

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3/26/14  The Yakima is in great shape.  Skwalas are emerging, fair to good nymphing and dry fly fishing.