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What’s happening on the Yakima - Hatches, river conditions, how good (or bad) the fishing is and occasional photos of Yakima River flora and fauna.

Yakima River Flows and Conditions

Teacup diagram / Reservoir levels and stream flows in the Yakima and Naches River Basins.
Realtime Stream Flows / Yakima and Naches River Basins. Comprehensive list.
Yakima River Flow Forecast at Umtanum / Forecast and Trend.

Yakima River Hatches

Current Hatches and Flies
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Yakima River Hatch Chart

Yakima River Fishing Report

Weather / Current weather, forecasts and pass reports

Fishing Report Archive / Yakima River Fishing Reports from previous years

septbow NiceSepttrout NewFlyfisher Adalie Marty Porter Jake ChrisSept September Bow

Fishing Report 8-6-18   Water temps reached 70 degrees in the Lower Canyon and 67 degrees at the State boat launch below Cle Elum yesterday due to hot weather and lower flows.  Extremely high temperatures and projected lower flows over the next few days will raise the water temps even more. Early morning temps should be OK, but expect crowds, especially in the Lower Canyon and from Cle Elum to Thorpe. We’ll be taking the next 5 days off and perhaps more if the river doesn’t cool off. Cooler weather Friday night through Sunday, but dropping water levels may negate the benefits of cooler weather.  

Yakima River Fishing Report 8-22-18   Slow to OK fishing the last few days. Big drys, Big drys with a dropper and full tilt nymphing have all produced fish. Water temps reached 70 degrees in the Canyon yesterday. Daytime highs in the 90s, overnight lows in the upper 50s and lowering flows due to the annual ‘flip flop’ have kept water temps up. Temps are OK until 1 or 2 pm. Cle Elum to Thorpe temps have been a bit better. The weatherman is predicting cooler weather starting Thursday or Friday and water temps should be better by the weekend and much better by next week.

Fishing Report 8-27-18   Water temps and river flows are dropping. High water temp was 64 degrees in the Canyon yesterday, back in the good zone. Poor to good fishing over the last week as trout adjusted to lower flows and variable low and high water temps. Fishing is generally better when the differential between low and high water temps is 6 degrees or more. Water at lower temps will hold more oxygen (and will retrain this extra oxygen for a while as water temps rise) and rising water temps raise the trout's metabolism. A rise in water temps from 54 to 62 degrees is generally better for fishing than a rise from 62 to 68 degrees since there is more oxygen available at 54 degrees and 68 degrees is past their comfort zone and the temperature differential is greater from 54 to 62 degrees (just one example). Other factors are at work, so this is only a pretty good indicator of when the trout will be feeding more actively. Some summer stones, hoppers and other terrestrials, a few caddis and aquatic moths. September and lower flows usually brings a resurgence of Summer stones but this hatch has been small so far this year.

Fishing Report 9-5-18   Great nymphing the last few days as the river continues to drop. 2050 cfs at Umtanum today. Fish have been moving away from the banks and are joining those that didn’t move to the edges during high summer flows. A big dry fly and dropper will still catch fish, mostly on the dropper. If you are a dry fly purist, hoppers, beetles and ants properly presented will pick up fish. Very light bug activity currently, summer stones, hoppers and other terrestrials, caddis, BWOs and midges.  

Yakima River Fishing Report 10-4-18   OK to very good nymphing the last few weeks. Still some big dry fly with October Caddis and Crane flies, mostly in the farmlands and Cle Elum. The BWO hatch is getting cranked up - cooler, cloudy weather should bring more bugs and fish to the surface.

Yakima River Fishing Report 10-9-18   Clouds, rain, bugs and rising fish. The best fall hatches we’ve seen in years. Good to great nymphing when the suns out. We won’t be booking any trips from the 12th to the 22nd. Bev and I (Bruce) will be visiting family in Boise, and then Mark and I will be on the Missouri for 3 or 4 days looking for rising fish. We don’t have any dates available before we leave, but we still have a few days available after we get back.

Yakima River Fishing Report 10-24-18   Irrigation season has been over for awhile and the Yak is low and clear - a little under 1200 Cfs at Umtanum. Still fair to good BWO hatches and rising fish on cloudy days. OK to good nymphing. Mark and I didn’t make it to the Missouri this year (unforeseen family duties), but Bev and I had a had a great time visiting our daughter and her family in Boise and I spent 3 days working rising fish on the South Fork of the Boise. Lots of other anglers on the river, but no guiding is allowed on the South Fork, so the pressure is much lower than it would be otherwise. Closing the Yakima to guiding 2 days per week (Sunday and a weekday) would be a good thing for folks fishing the Yak on their own and would benefit the fishery.

Yakima River Fishing Report 1-15-19   Pretty mild winter so far. No ice and launches are in good shape. Warmer water temps than an average winter, but still typical winter fishing.

Fishing Report 2-12-19   Lots of snow on the ground and slush and ice in the river. The weatherman is predicting more snow and cold for the rest of the week.