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What’s happening on the Yakima - Hatches, river conditions, how good (or bad) the fishing is and occasional photos of Yakima River flora and fauna. Chief reporter / photographer - Bruce, 25+ years on the Yakima River.  With significant input from Mark, 30+ years on the Yak and info shared by other knowledgeable Yakima River fly fishers.

Yakima River Flows and Conditions

Teacup diagram / Reservoir levels and stream flows in the Yakima and Naches River Basins.
Realtime Stream Flows / Yakima and Naches River Basins. Comprehensive list.
Yakima River Flow Forecast at Umtanum / Forecast and Trend.

Yakima River Hatches

Current Hatches and Flies
Photos and Descriptions of the Bugs
Yakima River Hatch Chart

Weather / Current weather, forecasts and pass reports

Fishing Report Archive / Yakima River Fishing Reports from previous years

Yakima River Fishing Reports & Blog:

Fishing Report   1-16-18   The Yakima has been rising slowly since the 13th due to Rain and melting snow. The river is a bit off color and still trending up. NOAA predicts a slight drop beginning on the 17th, followed by another rise.

Fishing Report   1-30-18   The Yakima has been in great shape for most of the winter, very little snow and no ice flows. Flows are bumping up today due to warm weather and some rain, but the river should drop back down fairly quickly. Water temps have hovered around 42 degrees in the Canyon for a few weeks. Unusually warm for January. OK to good fishing.

Nice winter bow Rainbow Release

Fishing Report   2-4-18   Warm weather and melting snow, the Yakima is blown out.

Ringer road

Fishing Report   2-11-18   Ringer road survived the recent high water and should reopen eventually. The debris and road closed signs haven’t been removed yet. The Yakima is still dropping and clearing. 2 feet of visibility in the Canyon yesterday. 3470 cfs at Umtanum today.