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What’s happening on the Yakima - Hatches, river conditions, how good (or bad) the fishing is and occasional photos of Yakima River flora and fauna. Chief reporter / photographer - Bruce Skotland, 25+ years on the Yakima River.  With significant input from Mark Shimazu, 30+ years on the Yak and info shared by other knowledgeable Yakima River fly fishers.

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Fishing Report - 8-31-17   2800 cfs at Umtanum - dropping aprox. 200 cfs per day. A bit smokey on the Yak the last few days but much clearer today. As the river drops, more fish are moving away from the banks. Very good nymphing yesterday. Poor to good dry fly fishing mornings and evenings, varies quite a bit day to day. Reduced light on smokey days definitely helps mid-day dry fly. Summer stones and terrestrials.

Report - 6-3-17   Flows and color are good. Current bugs: Caddis, PMDs, Craneflies, Beetles and Ants and a few Golden Stones. Mothers day Caddis are waning, but a number of other Caddis are emerging: Spotted Sedge, Little Sister Sedge, Little Tan Short-Horned sedge and a few other smaller hatches.

Report - 5-20-17  Good caddis dry fly fishing in the late afternoon and evening yesterday. The Yakima is bumping up a bit today. Aprox. 250 cfs rise at Umtanum currently. The flow forecast from noaa predicts a continual rise until the 25th, peaking at a little over 5000 cfs

Report - 5-25-17   The Yak peaked at 5900 cfs yesterday at Umtanum. Currently dropping, but still high and dirty. The noaa flow forecast for Umtanum predicts levels of aprox. 4600 by the weekend. Color could be OK by then, but sill big water.

Report - 5-31-17   The Yakima is big and off-color again after being in shape for a few days. The upper river is beginning to drop- the Yak should be in shape in a few days. Current bugs: Caddis, PMDs, Craneflies, Beetles and Ants and a few Golden Stones.

Report - 6-9-17   Big water on the Yak currently due to hot weather and then rain. The bulk of the runoff is now from high mountain snow. The reservoirs are full, so any increased flows from above run straight through.  Noaa predicts that flows will be back down to summer levels by the 12th or 13th.

Fishing Report - 6-12-17   The Yak is back. Cool weather the last few days dropped the river at Umtanum from 5700 cfs on Saturday to 3200 cfs today. Current hatches: PMDs, Caddis and an assortment of smaller hatches.

Fishing Report - 6-26-17   Aprox. 2600 cfs at Umtanum, unusually low for late June. Water temps are still good despite the low water and hot weather over the last few days. Fair to good nymphing. Decent dry fly fishing in the lower river during the evening caddis emergence. Current hatches: PMDs, Caddis, Yellow Sallys and terrestrials in the lower river and PMDs, Caddis, Yellow Sallys, Green Drakes, Golden Stones and terrestrials in the upper river. The hatches have been pretty light, lots of sunny weather.

Fishing Report - 7-8-17   The Yakima is in great shape and is close to normal summer levels- 3500 cfs at Umtanum. The Summer Stones emergence is beginning to build and morning and evening big dry fly fishing should continue to get better. OK to good nymphing during the sunny portions of the day. Current hatches: Summer Stones, Caddis (spotted sedge-Little Tan Short-Horned sedge) Yellow Sallys, Crane Flies and Terrestrials (ants, beetles and immature hoppers).

Fishing Report - 7-28-17 Water levels are currently fluctuating between 4100 cfs and 4200 cfs at Umtanum, still in the normal summer flow range. High water temps in the Canyon have been 60 degrees or lower. Best dry fly fishing morning and evening. Big drys have been mediocre to fair. Evening Caddis - OK to good. Mediocre to fair nymphing during the sunny portions of the day.

Fuller’s teasel and Swallowtail

Fishing Report - 8-1-17   4275 cfs at Umtanum today, a bit higher than average summer levels. The weatherman is predicting 100 degrees or higher for the rest of the week, so a little extra water in the Yakima will keep water temps down. Fair to good nymphing the last few days. A few more fish willing to take a dry fly during the day, but still much better early morning and evening.

Fishing Report -  8-16-17   Cooler weather, lower flows and no smoke. Fair to great nymphing for the last week or so and a bit slower dry fly morning and evening.

Fishing Report -  8-27-17   3300 cfs at Umtanum today and dropping about 100 cfs per day due to the annual flip-flop. Fish are moving away from some of the shallower banks but continue to look for terrestrials and stones along banks that they feel comfortable in. Nymphing has been a bit slower the last few days as fish acclimate to new lies and cooler water.

Fishing Report - 9-20-17   Clean air and low clear water. Pretty reliable nymphing currently, mostly size 14 to 20. YBs, PTs, Prince nymphs, WD40s. The fly isn’t as important as size. If the fish aren’t eating size 20-24 midge larva or size 18-20 Baetis nymphs, a size 14 to 16 nymph has worked well. Some dry fly fishing at the right time and place. Summer Stones, October Caddis and Tiny BWOs (Baetis)

Fishing Report - 10-5-17   Not much change from the last report. Size 22 Baetis, a few larger BWOs, some Mahoganys and Cahills, size 18 gray caddis, midges and October caddis. Summer stones are done for the year. Good nymphing and OK dry fly fishing depending on the weather, location and time of day. Lots of 8-12 inch fish with a few bigger fish mixed in.

Big bow in the net Fuller's teasel and Swallowtail

Fishing Report - 10-17-17   After a number of years of poor fall hatches, the bugs are back! BWOs, Cahills and Mahoganies. Good dry fly fishing. Cloudy days have been exceptional. Nymphing remains good.